Corporate Profile

         Thai Hua Rubber Company Limited was founded in 1978, and renamed as Thai Hua Rubber Public Company Limited in 1996. As a holding company of Guangdong Guangken Rubber Group in China, Thai Hua is one of the largest multinational enterprises for planting, processing and selling of natural rubber in Thailand.
         Thai Hua is headquartered in Bangkok, with total assets over 14 billion baht. The company has 17 natural rubber processing factories throughout Thailand, each of which has obtained ISO9001 certification. In addition, the company also has 4 shareholding rubber processing factories and owns nearly 20,000 hectares of rubber gardens in Laos and Cambodia. With subsidiaries and offices in Singapore, Shanghai, India, Dubai, etc., Thai Hua has a total of 4000 employees.
          After 40 years of development, Thai Hua’s business scope has covered planting, processing and trading, and the company has grown from a small factory with an annual output of several hundred tons to a multinational group company with an annual output of nearly one million tons of natural rubber.
          Thai Hua produces a complete range of natural rubber products, including Technically Specified Rubber (TSR), Ribbed Smoked Sheets (RSS), Concentrated Latex, STR 5L, Skim Block, etc. Among them, the THAI HUA TEX, also be known as ‘Three Tree’ Latex, THAI HUA STR 20, and THAIHUA RSS are well known brands and sell well all over the world. Thai Hua's products are mainly sold to China, Japan, the United States and European countries, and obtained certifications from world-renowned tire factories including Goodyear, Michelin, Bridgestone, Continental, Pirelli, Yokohama, Sumitomo Corporation, and Hankook.
          Thai Hua will continue to be committed to promote the development of natural rubber industry and respond to the ever-changing challenges.