Suratthani STR Factory (ST)


Suratthani factory, in the heart of plantation, is currently producing concentrated latex and STR5L. with the abundance of raw material and large stainless steel reception tanks, Suratthani rivals the current factories.Fully equipped with its own laboratory and able to carefully samples all the produced latex, the quality of concentrated latex is very standardized. A jewel most welcomed to the Thai Hua Quality Standard. The factory received its first Quality System certification ISO9001:2008 during Q3 of 2012.

2,962 tons/month
35,544 tons/year
1,020 tons/month
12,240 tons/year
Skim Block
316 tons/month
3,792 tons/year
Contact person: 

Thai Hua Rubber PCL. Suratthani (ST) 27/5 Moo 5 Sin-Jaroen, Praseng, Suratthani 84210, Thailand

0 7727 8495-9
0 7727 8488