Cup lump-STR Process


Received cuplumps are spread out in the reception area for contamination picking and DRC determination.

Big Slabs of Cup-lumps must be reduced to smaller sizes for effective removal of the contaminants and determination of the contramination levels.

Contaminants removed , cup lumps are stored according to grade and rest to obtain leveled characterisitcs

Upon designated time, cup lumps enter the STR line. Slab-cut, washed and strained to further remove embedded contaminants

Contaminants not removed during the automated processes are removed by hands.

Processed cup lumps are collected in a tank with water overflowing to remove floating particles/contaminants such as raffia, woodchips, branches sinking material such as dirt, sand, gravel sinks to the bottom of the tank and remove periodically.

After series of size reduction, rubber crumbs are crepe in series of decreasing thickness to obtain aggregated rubber crumbs

Crumbs are placed in trolley and oven-dried at 120?C for 7-8 minutes depending on the nature of the input cup lumps

Biscuits are baled and packed in PE pouches

Bale are inspected and sampled for white spot/contamination Physical Characteristics

Baled STR blocks are packaged according to the customer specifications.

Rubber bales are tested for the physical properties and are graded as such.