Latex Process


The quality control starts right from the first step, before acquiring the “Raw Material” from local farmers, LATEX sample is analysed in our laboratory.

We only accept those raw material which meet our lab criteria, then Latex is poured into the storage tank for preserve ammonia is added during this step, the percent of ammonia depends on type of latex needed.

LATEX as it comes to us contents up to 70% of water and other impurity, the latex is filtered to remove impurity then passed through the centrifugal machines to extract concentraded latex out of water.

After separating the water, latex is transferred to the quality control tanks, we store latex in different tank according to different specs. High Ammonia Latex (HA) with minimum 0.60% ammonia added Low Ammonia Latex (LA) with maximum 0.29% ammonia added.

The final product is packed in standard drums with the capacity of 205 Kilogrammes, each drum net weight is exactly 205 kilogrammes.

Latex Stock in DRUM ready for delivery, 90% of our production is destinated to exportation.